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Wholeness 2021 Y1 T1 W1

Greenhouse 2021 Y1 T1 W1Wholeness Notes https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LA7sRcdUo7du8iYvZqlC3SiGCHsTn6gz/view?usp=sharing

Examining Beijing’s Role in Environmental Damages

Deforestation, air pollution, and overfishing are just a few issues at the forefront of many environmental concerns. As for who’s to blame, China nears the top of the culprit list for contributing countries. In this special report, we take a look at the data and dive...

Awesome God


Wholeness - Imagination Term 3 Week 5 - Reading of notes taken Renewing Your Mind

Wholeness – Demonic Oppression

Wholeness - Term 3, Week 3 - Demonic Oppression Part Two Additional Resources:Youtube video by Dr Michael Heiser (start from 10:40) https://youtu.be/Gv7Yyv887rE

Motivational Tracks

https://youtu.be/P8kgbpR1fSc https://youtu.be/uC0FNOm26NU https://youtu.be/CPIuiB7xTsg

Wholeness – Healing of Residual Pain

Greenhouse Term 2 Week 7 Notes - Wholeness - Healing of Residual Pain Q. How do you know if a thought or memory is from the Lord or just your own thinking? A. The key to silent prayer or what some call "contemplative prayer", is to quiet your mind, which may be racing...

Mens Conference 2021: Man United

Recording by an attendee of Man United, the Kingdomcity 2021 Mens Conference held on Saturday 22nd May https://soundcloud.com/leon-yeap-1/sets/man-united-kingdomcity-mens-conference-perth-may-2021