Scientifically proven results of praying or praying in tongues.

  • Increase/ boost immune system
  • Edification, strengthening, feeling better
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) brain scans and CAT scans are showing us that when you pray intentionally to a God of love, the frontal lobe of your brain activates to its highest intellectual capacity, you develop richer thicker grey matter in your prefrontal cortex, the area of creative thinking – if you meditate on a God of love.
  • “You have more blood flow to your anterior cingulate cortex (where empathy and compassion are located) because it’s less put someone on your hit list that you put on your prayer list. Less blood flow to your amygdala, which is the rat brain where fear, anger, stress and high blood pressure are located. Neural plasticity, through prayer, when we go on prayer walks. Science shows us that when talk to God about our hopes, fears and dreams, it has the same effect on our brain as therapy!! That’s crazy!” – Ben Courson on tools to defeat the depression.