YouTube Advertising Campaigns

Targeted, low cost promotions

Why YouTube Ads?

A picture speaks a thousand words.

– A decent video is the next level up.

YouTube ads harness the great emotive power of video storytelling to capture the audience’s attention and powerfully convey your message.

YouTube Ads are low cost. YouTube ads cost $10 to $30 for 1,000 views.

YouTube Ads have tremendous reach: YouTube video streaming service is watched by millions Australians every month

Targeted advertising: YouTube ads give you greatest bang for our buck, by targeting the specific demographic that you specify. For example, your audience could be a specific geographical region and gender. You can narrow it further by specifying what kind of subject matter of YouTube videos that the ad will appear next to.

Who Are YouTube Ads for?
Businesses, non-profits, government and community organisations wanting to get a message out to the community or a specific segment of the community.

Lead Generation
YouTube Ads can be designed direct people to your website for effective lead generation for your sales funnel.

How much does it cost to make a video ad?
The cost of preparing and running YouTube ads varies, depending your aims. Several factors determine the overall cost:

  • How complex is the video?
  • Do you need actors, props, drone video?
  • What is the timeframe for completing the project?
  • Are special effects or animation involved?


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